DRR Message

Dear District Leaders, fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors,

Stepping up to become the District Rotaract Representative of Rotary International District (RID) 3450 is never an easy decision. It is all about whether you are willing to step out of your comfort zone to try and experience more. One of the challenges in these few years is how to connect Rotaractors from more than 80 clubs across the 3 regions, and mobilise the virtual team based in Macao and Mongolia.

Since we entered Rotary Year 2022-23, where we have adapted to the ‘New Normal’, my team has been working hard to re-connect our fellow Rotaractors within our District.

This year, with the theme of ‘Together We’, we hope this can foster our relationship and connections, we collaborate more and think big to create more impactful contributions to our communities. Echoing the Rotary International 2022-2023 Theme - Imagine Rotary, we encourage our fellow Rotaractors to embrace a bigger picture of a more vibrant diversity and open possibilities for new ideas, insights, strategies, and perspectives.

There are lots of opportunities within the Rotary ecosystem, it is the matter whether if you are willing to commit and try. Apart from ‘Together We’, my team is dedicated to connecting our Rotarians and Interactors closer and better. We hope to collaborate together on different kinds of projects - as we are stepping into our Elevating Rotaract journey. We jointly work together to create a better living world under the challenging world.

I hope that future leaders and club presidents will take their chance to overcome fear of failure and to jointly lead the district. The journey of leadership and self-growth is undoubtedly challenging yet rewarding, and I believe that when you never let go of your original faith and passion, when you never forget the reasons you choose to be here, when you always appreciate our precedents’ efforts, support your present fellows and believe in your successors and next generations, Rotaract is bound to thrive and you are empowered to impact and inspire.

Wayne LAI

District Rotaract Representative

Rotary Year 2022-2023

Rotary International District 3450 (Hong Kong / Macao / Mongolia / The People's Republic of China - Guangdong Province)

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