DRR Message

Dear Rotaractors,

Stepping up to become District Rotaract Representative of Rotary International District 3450 is never an easy decision. The journey of preparing myself for assuming the leadership office has been a cause of reflection, in which I was set to essentially unlearn some of my past ways and manners of thinking and overcome unnecessary boundaries that have always existed in my safe zone, as a way to embrace a bigger picture of a more vibrant diversity and open possibilities for new projects, new strategies, and new perspectives.

Since we entered Rotary Year 2021-22, my team has been striving to provide an enabling environment for young volunteers to be experimental, share their bold and wild ideas and make impactful contributions to their communities, for we spare no efforts to uphold the core values of Rotaract.

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging across and affecting each and every one of us, we have seen increasingly harsh restrictions on physical gatherings and activities, lack of channels to communicate and interact in person, and lack of opportunities for international exchanges, with which members have face some of the toughest challenges in connecting with each other and we find ourselves in an unprecedented struggle to keep members together.

Elevating Rotaract is an opportunity for us Rotaractors to reflect on where we currently are and where we are heading. The new Rotaract policy changes our identity and recognizes our membership in Rotary. We, however, need efforts from all of our members, clubs and the district combined as a whole, to direct and steer a new course ahead in which we all still embrace our core values and concurrently transform into a more mature youth organization.

I hope that future leaders and club presidents will take their chance to overcome fear of failure and to jointly lead the district. The journey of leadership and self-growth is undoubtedly challenging yet rewarding, and I believe that when you never let go of your original faith and passion, when you never forget the reasons you choose to be here, when you always appreciate our precedents’ efforts, support your present fellows and believe in your successors and next generations, Rotaract is bound to thrive and you are empowered to impact and inspire.

Luffy CHAN
District Rotaract Representative
Rotary Year 2021-22
Rotary International District 3450 (Hong Kong / Macao / Mongolia / The People's Republic of China - Guangdong Province)

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